Cập nhật câu hỏi mới nhất đề thi Linux Essentials 010-160 tháng 04/2021

1.What are the differences between hard disk drives and solid state disks? (Choose two.)

  • A. Hard disks have a motor and moving parts, solid state disks do not.
  • B. Hard disks can fail due to physical damage, while solid state disks cannot fail.
  • C. Solid state disks can store many times as much data as hard disk drives.
  • D. /dev/sda is a hard disk device while /dev/ssda is a solid state disk.
  • E. Solid state disks provide faster access to stored data than hard disks.


2. Reverse DNS assigns hostnames to IP addresses. How is the name of the IP address stored on a DNS server?

  • A. In the A record for
  • B. In the PTR record for
  • C. In the RNAME record for 198-51-100-165.rev.arpa.
  • D. In the ARPA record for
  • E. In the REV record for arpa.in-addr.

3. Which of the following types of bus can connect hard disk drives with the motherboard?

  • A. The RAM bus
  • B. The NUMA bus
  • C. The CPU bus
  • D. The SATA bus
  • E. The Auto bus

4. Members of a team already have experience using Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For a small hobby project, the team wants to set up a Linux server without paying for a subscription. Which of the following Linux distributions allows the team members to apply as much of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux knowledge as possible?

  • A. Ubuntu Linux LTS
  • B. Raspbian
  • C. Debian GNU/Linux
  • D. CentOS
  • E. openSUSE

5. What information can be displayed by top?

  • A. Existing files, ordered by their size.
  • B. Running processes, ordered by CPU or RAM consumption.
  • C. User accounts, ordered by the number of logins.
  • D. User groups, ordered by the number of members.
  • E. User accounts, ordered by the number of files.

6. Which of the following commands can be used to resolve a DNS name to an IP address?

  • A. dnsname
  • B. dns
  • C. query
  • D. host
  • E. iplookup

7. What is true about the dmesg command? (Choose two.)

  • A. It traces the execution of a command and shows each step the program carries out.
  • B. It sends messages to the command lines of all current user sessions.
  • C. It displays the content of the Linux kernel”™s ring buffer.
  • D. It immediately outputs all new messages written to the system journal.
  • E. It might not display older information because it was overwritten by newer information.


8. Which of the following outputs could stem from the command last?

  • A. 1 ls 2 cat text.txt 3 logout
  • B. Password for user last changed at Sat Mar 31 16:38:57 EST 2018
  • C. Last login: Fri Mar 23 10:56:39 2018 from server.example.com
  • D. EXT4-fs (dm-7): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)
  • E. root tty2 Wed May 17 21:11 – 21:11 (00:00)

9. What is the UID of the user root?

  • A. 1
  • B. -1
  • C. 255
  • D. 65536
  • E. 0

10. Which permissions are set on a regular file once the permissions have been modified with the command chmod 654 file.txt?

  • A. drw-r-xr–
  • B. d””wxr-x–
  • C. “”wxr-x–x
  • D. “”rwxrw—x
  • E. -rw-r-xr–

11. What is true about the owner of a file?

  • A. Each file is owned by exactly one user and one group.
  • B. The owner of a file always has full permissions when accessing the file.
  • C. The user owning a file must be a member of the file”™s group.
  • D. When a user is deleted, all files owned by the user disappear.
  • E. The owner of a file cannot be changed once it is assigned to an owner.

12. Which of the following permissions are set on the /tmp/ directory?

  • A. rwxrwxrwt
  • B. ——rwX
  • C. rwSrw-rw-
  • D. rwxrwS—
  • E. r-xr-X–t

13. Which command adds the new user tux and creates the user”™s home directory with default configuration files?

  • A. defaultuser tux
  • B. useradd “”m tux
  • C. usercreate tux
  • D. useradd “”o default tux
  • E. passwd “”a tux

14. What information is stored in /etc/passwd? (Choose three.)

  • A. The user”™s storage space limit
  • B. The numerical user ID
  • C. The username
  • D. The encrypted password
  • E. The user\s default shell

15. Which of the following tar options handle compression? (Choose two.)

  • A. -bz
  • B. -z
  • C. -g
  • D. -j
  • E. -z2


What keyword is used in a shell script to begin a loop? (Specify one keyword only, without any additional information.)

17. Which of the following commands creates an archive file work.tar from the contents of the directory ./work/?

  • A. tar –new work.tar ./work/
  • B. tar “”cf work.tar ./work/
  • C. tar “”create work.tgz “”content ./work/
  • D. tar work.tar < ./work/
  • E. tar work > work.tar

18. Which of the following keys can be pressed to exit less?

  • A. l
  • B. x
  • C. e
  • D. q
  • E. !

19. The current directory contains the following file:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 859688 Feb 7 08:15 test.sh

Given that the file is a valid shell script, how can this script be executed? (Choose two.)

  • A. run test.sh
  • B. ${test.sh}
  • C. cmd ./test.sh
  • D. ./test.sh
  • E. bash test.sh

20. Which of the following commands sorts the output of the command export-logs?

  • A. export-logs < sort
  • B. export-logs > sort
  • C. export-logs & sort
  • D. export-logs | sort
  • E. export-logs <> sort

21. A directory contains the following files:

What would be the output of the following shell script?

for file in *.txt

  • A. *.txt
  • B. a b
  • C. c.cav
  • D. a.txt
  • E. a. txt b. txt

22. Which of the following commands will search for the file foo.txt under the directory /home?

  • A. search /home “”file foo.txt
  • B. search /home foo. txt
  • C. find /home “” file foo.txt
  • D. find /home “”name foo.txt
  • E. find /home foo.txt

23. The current directory contains the following file:

-rw-r””r”” 1 root exec 24551 Apr 2 12:36 test.sh

The file contains a valid shell script, but executing this file using ./test.sh leads to this error: bash: ./test.sh: Permission denied

What should be done in order to successfully execute the script?

  • A. The file”™s extension should be changed from .sh to .bin.
  • B. The execute bit should be set in the file”™s permissions.
  • C. The user executing the script should be added to the exec group.
  • D. The SetUID bit should be set in the file”™s permissions
  • E. The script should be run using #!./test. sh instead of ./test.sh.

24. What is a Linux distribution?

  • A. The Linux file system as seen from the root account after mounting all file systems.
  • B. A bundling of the Linux kernel, system utilities and other software.
  • C. The set of rules which governs the distribution of Linux kernel source code.
  • D. An operating system based on Linux but incompatible to the regular Linux kernel.
  • E. A set of changes to Linux which enable Linux to run on another processor architecture.


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